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Offer capacities online
and gain new business

Show your capacities in a digital store window.

As an operator, you market your capacities online with modility and receive binding bookings with all relevant transport information. Of course, you can flexibly manage prices and offered capacities for each individual departure.

In 3 steps

This is how you set up your offer

Upload offers

Market free capacities on your routes by loading basic information such as timetables, capacity details and prices into the system with just a few clicks.

Receive orders

Customers can book your services directly via the online portal. All essential information for processing the transport is obtained by modility from the customer on time and stored in the system for you.

Control offers

With modility, you have full control over your bookings, even at the level of individual routes. You can flexibly determine departure times, prices and capacities yourself.

Your advantages with modility

Your trains in a digital store window

Apart from additional attention for your services, modility makes it easier for you to reach new target groups. With our portal, even more potential customers can view your relations online and book free slots directly.

Utilize capacities on a short notice

With modility, you can target and manage the capacity of individual trains. Not only does the integrated dashboard give you the control over your capacities at all times, but also it allows you to map special prices with individual transport partners.

All information in one place

Modility collects all the relevant information for physical transport processing from the customer and stores it for you in the system. In this way, we help you ensure that no information is lost or has to be requested at short notice. All data can be conveniently exported from the portal for your own use.

The simple step into digitization

Even without operating an own booking portal, you can now bring your offerings into the digital age with modility. We provide the platform, while you can concentrate on your business without additional development and maintenance effort.

What our customers say

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